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What's involved for Appellants/Claimants?

The Hearing

A tribunal of three people will hear the reference or claim; a convener, who has a legal qualification, will chair the hearing and the two members, who have knowledge and experience of children or young persons with additional support needs within the meaning of the 2004 Act.  

It is possible for a witness to give written evidence or to speak to the tribunal by telephone conference call if they are unable to attend in person.

We hold hearings throughout Scotland.  In selecting the venue we ensure that this is at a location which is private and convenient for both parties. We will try to arrange a venue close to where the parent, child or young person lives. Hearings are held in normal working hours, most start at 09:30 am. Hearings are held in a variety of venues including Tribunal premises, universities/colleges, business centres or hotels and in some local authority premises, where parties consent.

It is difficult to say how long a hearing will last, some will last one day but more complex cases, where there may be additional witnesses, such as placing requests or disability discrimination claims can last longer.