Section title: 
Publication of Tribunal Decisions

The President of the Tribunal has directed, under rule 45(1) of the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (Practice and Procedure) Rules 2006 and under rule 46(1) of the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (Disability Claims Procedure) Rules 2011, that certain decisions be published, normally where there has been an oral hearing. These decisions are published in an edited form on this database.

These decisions are published in such a manner as to protect the anonymity, and safeguard the welfare and interests of the child or young person or any other person; as well as to protect the private life of any person. To this end there is a minimum 3 month period following the date the decision is issued before it is published on the ASNTS website. During this period, the parties, i.e. the parent or young person and the Education Authority, have the opportunity to make written representation on whether the decision should be published. The President will consider any such representations before a decision whether to publish is made.

Where a decision has been subject to an appeal to the Court of Session the decision will still be published but it will be indicated that there is an outstanding appeal.

Index of Decisions


Decisions uploaded
Placing Request 60
CSP Failure to Assess 1
CSP Not Required Disputed 30
CSP Required Disputed 0
CSP Time Limits 1
CSP Contents 31
CSP Failure to Review 3
No Response from Education Authority 0
Expenses 1
Competency 10
Disability Discrimination Claims 11

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