ASNTS Structure

The ASNTS is a judicial body.  It is independent of any other agency, which includes education, health and Scottish Government.  Each individual tribunal, when it sits, is also independent of the President’s Office. 

Administrative support is provided through the Secretariat, who are employed by the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.

A tribunal comprises of one convener and two members.  However, the rules allow a convener to sit alone in certain circumstances.  Each tribunal is supported by a case officer who will deal with all enquiries in relation to the hearing and the progress of the case.  We aim to assign the same case officer throughout the life of the reference or claim.


How can we hear our tribunal users’ views?

In order to seek feedback from users or potential users of the ASNTS, the President hosts annual Tribunal Forums.  The most recent Tribunal Forum event took place on 3 May 2016 in Glasgow. The minutes from previous Tribunal Forum events are in the Publications section of the website.